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Jan_van_Eyck_The_Virgin_of_Chancellor_RolinEurope’s Quattrocento – a new beginning

Emerging from the dark Middle Ages, Europe’s Quattrocento was the dawn of a new age as Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance and painters developed perspective with a mathematical approach as well as inventing oil painting or advanced printing techniques.


Islamic art

Marrakech - Bahia Palace 56Islamic art represents a vast body of work, including paintings, sculpture, architecture, mosaic, not to mention everyday objects of use and beauty. They all reflect the exquisite craftmanship of many craftsmen that have worked throughout the centuries to make their surroundings more beautiful and honour their belief system, under the patronage of the age’s rulers.


Medieval Christian art

Giotto-di-Bondone-Marriage of the Virgin-Christian art in the Middle Ages turned the clock back on the advances in painting and sculpture made by the Greeks and Romans. Use of flat colour and standard, angular figures reflected a prescribed approach to art, set by the time’s mores and power balances. But then Giotto arrived…

Impressionism-France-Monet-Water lily pondImpressionism

Impressionism is arguably the best-known art movement, with its paintings splashed across calendars, mugs, greeting cards and even umbrellas. When it first emerged in 1860s’ France, it represented a radical break with the established forms of painting.