Wild about tigers

Tiger Tiger by xx-Horsham Museum-2 Dec 2017In one of the smaller rooms in Horsham Museum currently runs a modest but interesting photo exhibition until 3 February 2018. Tiger Tiger displays a small but beautiful and endearing collection of photographs by local amateur photographer Michael Vickers.

Capturing scenes of tenderness and power alike, the photos reflect his love for these powerful felines. The exhibition reflects his personal bond with a number of individuals, all part of a few tiger families found on his travels through India. For instance, there is the two-year-old male from Ranthambore in “The Eye of the Tiger” (see photo).

Tiger Tiger by xx-Horsham Museum-2 Dec 2017-photoCR

The Eye of the Tiger by Michael Vickers

The exhibition is well worth a visit and perhaps you will be tempted to buy one of the beautiful prints that are available. All net profits from the sale of his photographs are heading to the charity Tiger Awareness.  More information can be found on Michael’s website: https://www.tigersintheforest.co.uk/